Reaching the Unreachable

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HoverAid hovercraft, bring aid and development to remote communities in Madagascar where hunger, malaria, HIV and lack of clean water affect the health of millions. HoverAid’s hovercraft reach unreachable villages when Africa floods, providing relief organisations with access to those most in need.

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HoverAid The article is in French, but the pictures speak for themselves. Heavy rain in the capital is forcing people out...

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HoverAid It is time to sign up to the best weekend you will have all year! The Isle of Wight Bike Ride will be on the 6th...

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HoverAid RR403 being used to take Doctors to remote locations!

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HoverAid The Medical Team (the MMS) are currently in Soalala! Northern Madagascar in the Boeny Region, and will run between 300-500 consultations!

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HoverAid The Team have built another pump in a village on the Makai River, Western Madagascar in the Beroroha District!

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